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What is Starbattle?

Starbattle is a tactical 2D multiplayer game where up to four players fight in various battle arenas and modes!

Starbattle stands in the tradition of great multiplayer games like Super Bomberman, Mario Kart and the Worms franchise.

It is the debut of independent developer Bad Habit Games, based in Vienna, Austria.

Four stars of different colors fight for a very special spot in the universe, each claiming it for itself. To do so, they use their plasma shots which come out of the stars jags clock-wisely

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. Only when a shot is destroyed, another one can be fired. Additionally the stars can make use of their melee attack, which is basically them spinning like a buzz saw, inflicting damage when bumping into an opponent.

You take control of one star and try to gain the upper hand in several amazing game modes and stunning battle arenas studded with walls, spikes, doors, exploding barrels and much more. A huge collection of items like speed up, fire shot, invulnerable or camouflage can be collected to support your efforts on the way to victory.

There won’t be any DRM or bothersome activation processes – but to play a ranked online match please understand that you have to register, of course. This is required to track ladder progression and to prevent cheating.


  • 2 – 4 players competing simultaneously on one screen
  • various game modes allowed in stunning battle arenas
  • collectible items which are perfectly interplaying
  • online gaming with an elaborate ranking system and matchmaking server
  • create your own server and play with your friends online or over local network
  • global leader boards
  • free-for-all or team battle
  • keyboard or game-pad control
  • individual game settings ensuring endless gaming possibilities
  • highly exact physical collision model
  • cuddly, nostalgic-seeming comic look
  • awesome particle effects
  • unique music & sound effects

Learn more about Starbattle gameplay!